Discovering the Best Asian Bar in Adelaide

Adelaide is a rising gastronome destination in South Australia. Aside from those who are looking at food adventures in Adelaide, you must not miss out on the drinks that you can find. A must-try in Adelaide is the Asian bars. Finding the best Asian bar in Adelaide is quite easy, you just have to know where to look.

Photo Credit: Owen Lindsay

Gin Long Canteen is located in O’Connell St. It is beside the Archer Hotel and in front of Sam’s Shoe Repair. Gin Long Canteen is an Asian fusion restaurant which feature mainly Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian-inspired dishes. They also make their own modern twists on the dishes that they serve. They have appetizers, main courses, salads, and desserts. They also have a lunch menu where every dish is priced at AUD 12. Gin Long Canteen also caters to big groups and they have the option to choose the banquet menu. Aside from food, they also serve drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They have great service where their staff are friendly and prompt.

Gin Long Canteen has a bar that runs on one side of the restaurant. You can order classic cocktails like the mojitos and martinis. They also have their own twists on these cocktails. For example, there is the Pomojito which has rum, pama, mint, and pomegranate. Then, there is the Mary Martini which is a mix of Hendricks, lychee, cucumber and lemongrass. They also have their namesake gin mix – named Gin Long – which you can get in either pineapple, coconut, or tamarind flavor. A favorite among the crowds is Gin Pho. It is a mix of gin, Grand Marnier, Thai basil, star anise, and chili. With the Gin Pho, you will be able to experience the Vietnamese pho as a drink. This unique and modern take on the pho stands out and it is also a very refreshing drink. If you want to mix your coffee and your booze, you can have the Phat White, which has vodka, Frangelico, kahlua, Mozart, and Viet coffee.

Aside from the cocktails, you can also get beers and wines at Gin Long Canteen. They have an extensive list of wines at the restaurant. They offer sparkling wine from South Australia, Italy, and France. And, of course, you cannot miss their red and white wines. They mostly come from places in South Australia, but there are also choices from Spain and France. Like the cocktail, they also have their namesake Gin Long red and white wines. For the red wine, there is the 2014 Shilaz and for the white wine, they have the 2015 Liesling.

If you want non-alcoholic drinks, they have homemade sodas, their own home-brewed Gin Long iced tea, juice, coffee, tea, and fresh coconut. The drinks offered at Gin Long Canteen does not leave out their modern Asian fusion touch, especially for the cocktails and the homemade sodas. Even with the beers they serve, you have a choice to go for the Australian or the Asian ones.

At the best Asian bar in Adelaide, you can be sure that you will enjoy delectable and creative dishes accompanied by refreshing and flavorful drinks. Gin Long Canteen is a fun, lively place to enjoy with your friends and family. They are open Tuesdays to Saturday and they serve lunch from Tuesday to Friday at 12 to 2:30. For dinner, they are open from 5:30 to 9:30 on Tuesdays to Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays, they are open for dinner from 5:30 to 10:30 pm. They also allow bookings or reservations for 6 or more people. So if you are in Adelaide, don’t miss out on Gin Long Canteen. Cheers!

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