Experiencing Asia at the Best South East Asian Restaurants in Adelaide

Adelaide is a haven for Asian restaurants. A trend in Adelaide is the increasing number of Southeast Asian-themed restaurants and bars around the city. Admittedly, it could be overwhelming to choose from all these places, especially since the Southeast Asian region consists of eleven countries. To help you out with your next meal, here are some restaurants inspired by Southeast Asian countries that you could go to!


Cambodia - Gin long asian restaurant
Photo Credit: Sokha Phnom Penh at Dimmi

A favorite for Cambodian food in Adelaide is Sokha Phnom Penh located at Mansfield Park. The restaurant serves mainly noodle dishes, but it is not limited to that. They have seafood, Cambodian barbecue, and Cambodian fish cakes, to name a few of their menu entries. They give generous servings of honest-to-goodness Cambodian dishes which makes a visit here definitely worth it.


Indonesia - gin long asian restaurant
Photo Credit: Pondok Daun

If you are craving for authentic Indonesian food, Pondok Daun is the place to be. They serve their food as they do in Indonesia affordable costs. A must-try is the Indonesian fried chicken Ayam Penyet which is crisp fried chicken with a spicy sauce. For dessert, try the Kaya toast. Kaya is actually the spread in the toast which contains milk, sugar, eggs, and coconut milk. This is one of the more affordable places that you could eat at without sacrificing quality (and the quantity) of the food being served.


PH gin long canteen
Halo-halo at Niño’s Lamesita. Photo Credit: Niño’s Lamesita

Filipino food is gaining traction in Adelaide. Restaurants that offer this cuisine are Niño’s Lamesita and the Hill of Grace Restaurant. Both offer Western twists on Filipino favorites like adobo (meat, usually pork and chicken, in a soy based sauce), crispy pata (deep fried pig knuckles), and sinigang (sour soup dish, usually with the soup extracted from tamarind juice, with vegetables and protein),. Desserts are also featured, like the halo-halo (shaved ice with milk and different ingredients like fruits, sago, and sweet beans) at Niño’s Lamesita.

Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam

Gin long Thai malaysian and vietnam food in adelaide
Gin long Thai malaysian and vietnam food in adelaide

Here’s a treat: a restaurant where you can get authentic Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes with modern infusion. Don’t fret with that twist, though, because the best South East Asian restaurant in Adelaide still stays true to the origins of their food.

Gin Long Canteen is an Asian fusion restaurant. They serve dishes inspired from the said countries (Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam) with their own modern take. You can feast on classics like chicken satay, Sarawak laksa, banh hoi, bò kho, larb gai, and dragon beef curry. They also have a menu specifically for lunch in which one of the dishes they feature the widely-loved Phricken Rice – a combination of pho, chicken, and broken rice.

The highly reviewed and best South East Asian restaurant in Adelaide gives an authentic experience with their appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks. Additionally, what makes Gin Long Canteen a go-to destination is that they indicate gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, and DIY dishes in their menu. This is also ideal for big groups since they also have a banquet menu. So wine and dine at Gin Long Canteen, located at O’Connell St. in North Adelaide, for the best Asian fusion gastronomic adventure.

The rich and diverse food scene in this city is great for travelers and locals alike. If eating could take you to places, then Adelaide could take you to Southeast Asia with bites at these restaurants. So, if you do not have the time yet to travel to these wonderful countries, then experience them at these Southeast Asian restaurants.

Have you tried any or all of these places yet? Tell us which of them is your favorite!

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