Food Adventures: Popular Dishes with a Twist at the Top Asian Restaurants in Adelaide

Popular Dishes with a Twist at the Top Asian Restaurants in Adelaide
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Whether you are a gastronome or just looking for a good bite, you could never go wrong with an Asian dish. Adelaide is a great place to find various authentic Asian restaurants. With the influx of Asian cuisines in Adelaide, it may be a bit overwhelming to look for a dish that suits your taste. You may be looking for a familiar dish but you want also want to try something new. With these all-time favorites, you can try a little bit of both with the modern twists of these dishes.


Sarawak Laksa by Gin Long Canteen. Photo Credit: Duydash

A popular noodle dish in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, laksa is made from rice vermicelli served in spicy soup. It may also contain fish, chick0en, and/or prawn. Laksa can be found in the streets of Southeast Asia but the recipes differ depending on the region. This is one of the reasons why laksa is an interesting dish – although it may be a single dish, you may taste different versions of it.

One of the popular versions of laksa is the Sarawak Laksa, which is offered by the top Asian restaurant in Adelaide, Gin Long Canteen. It is a gluten-free version of this spicy noodle dish which contains chicken, prawn, omelette, and hot sambal sauce.

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls
Netted spring roll (left) and Curry Puff (right) by Gin Long Canteen. Photo Credit: Tara Matthews

Spring rolls are usually featured in Asian menus; but it doesn’t mean that if you’ve tasted one, you’ve tasted them all. Spring rolls are famous in East and Southeast Asia. Aside from their varying tastes, they are also called different names – such as popiah, gỏi cuốn, and lumpia – depending on the region.

Many Asian restaurants in Adelaide serve spring rolls. If you want the Filipino lumpia, you can try them at Niño’s Lamesita. If you want spring rolls for dessert, you can try Moonsoon’s banana spring rolls. Meanwhile, if you want spring rolls that will take you to Vietnam, you can try Fin Long Canteen’s vegetarian-friendly Netted Spring Rolls. With carrot, celery, spicy mayo sauce, and lattice glass noodle, this delectable dish will surely hit the spot.


Lychee Duck Curry at Gin Long Canteen. Photo Credits: Ling Tan

Curry is already a very popular and common dish. Many regions in Asia have their own takes on this dish so that there are many varieties that you could try. One must-try version is the Nepal curry which you can try at Nepalese Temptations. Even if this curry is rich in flavors, the spiciness is toned down, which is ideal for those who are not too keen on spicy food. Another curry that you can try at Adelaide is the fragrant, Sri Lankan yellow prawn curry at B & U. Loaded with shrimp and potatoes, you can’t go wrong with this one.

If you want more choices of curry, visit Gin Long Canteen to try out a Thai or Vietnamese curry. One is the Dragon Beef Curry which includes Thai eggplant in red curry. They also have Lychee Duck Curry, which is a best seller, and Northern Thai-styled Lamb Backstraps Curry. Aside from being delicious, these dishes are also gluten-free. If you want to have curry for your appetizer, enjoy a generous serving of vegetarian-friendly Curry Puff. It is filled with curry leaves, spiced potato, onion, and sweet sauce. Another curry for those who want a gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly dish is the Vego Yellow Curry which contains tofu, potato, broccoli, and cauliflower. There’s more than enough curry dishes for everyone to enjoy at the top Asian restaurant in Adelaide!

Do you have a favorite among these dishes? Let us know about them and share your experience and recommendations with us! We hope you enjoy your meals with these dishes!


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