A Guide for Finding the Best Asian Bar in Adelaide

After a long day’s worth of adventures, or even work, it feels good to just sit down and enjoy a few drinks. Adelaide has lots of nice spots where you can lounge and get some drinks. But, with Adelaide being a melting pot of different cultures, the city offers a diverse selection of bars you can go to. Wouldn’t it be nice to chill at the best Asian bar in Adelaide to catch up with your friends or simply cool down from a busy day? Here are a few bars that you must visit while you are in the city!

Gin Long Canteen

Best Asian Bar in Adelaide

Gin Long Canteen is an Asian fusion restaurant bar. Apart from their standout Thai and Vietnamese dishes, they also serve refreshing Asian fusion drinks. You can choose to have your drinks at your table or at their bar which runs on one side of the restaurant. Here you can watch the excellent bartender concoct your drink while you chat with friends or even make new ones.

Gin Long Canteen - Asian fusion restaurant bar
The Apple La (left) and Gin Long (right) cocktails at Gin Long Canteen. Photo Credit: Lola Krallis

Their cocktail offerings are Gin Pho (which consists of gin, Grand Marnier, Thai basil, star anise, and chili), their namesake drink Gin Long (where you can have it with a pineapple, tamarind, or coconut flavor), their own twist on margarita known as Magalita (a mix of tequila, Cointreau, pama, and palm sugar), and a bestseller, Apple La (made of vodka, lychee, green apple, and palm sugar). Their price range is from AUD 10 to AUD 21 – and every sip is definitely worth every penny.

They also offer Australian, Thai and Vietnamese beers, coffee, tea, juice, sparkling water, and homemade sodas, plus they have an extensive wine list. At the best Asian bar in Adelaide, they have something to offer for everybody.

Mrs Q

Mrs Q
Photo Credit: Mrs Q

Mrs Q is a Thai kitchen bar in Adelaide. They mainly offer Thai cuisine, but they also serve Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian dishes. You can accompany your food with the drinks that they offer at their bar. They have a comprehensive list of wines and liqueur as well as cocktails, beer, mocktails, and other non-alcoholic drinks. For their cocktails, they have classics like a tequila-based El Diablo and a strawberry infused gin-based Contender. They also have signature cocktails like the Miss China Doll, which is a Lychee Martini, and the Edward’s Espresso Experiment, which contains dark rum, shiraz reduction, spiced caramel, and espresso.

Hide ‘n Seek

Hide ‘n Seek
Photo Credit: Mary Taylor

As their name suggests, the Hide ‘n Seek Thai bar is located at a small side street. It isn’t imposing but people certainly look for this restaurant bar. They serve Thai food which are mostly influenced by the northern region of the country. For their bar, they serve cocktails, beer, and they also have a wine list although it isn’t as extensive as that of Gin Long. Their cocktails – made with stronger Asian flavors –  include mojito and mai tai, among others, and most are priced at AUD 10. They also have their signature cocktail, Sao Wa Ros. Hide ‘n Seek is great for a laidback hang out to get drinks and food at.

Whether you want a drink before or after your meal, or you just want something refreshing, these Asian bars in Adelaide are sure to quench your thirst. Let us know your favorite bar among the three and what drink you would recommend!

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