Must-Try Drinks at the Best Asian Bar in Adelaide

Adelaide is a great place to hang out with friends or loved ones because the city has a lot to offer. The city itself very beautiful that a bike ride throughout the city and take in the scenic routes. There are natural attractions like parks and Kangaroo Island, numerous festivals the South Australia’s History Festival and the Adelaide Festival. Adelaide is also stepping up their food and drinks game. Asian restaurants and bars have also become an essential part of the lively and competitive food scene at the city. If you want some great drinks paired with delicious food, then you should stop by at the best Asian bar in Adelaide, Gin Long Canteen, and try out the following drinks!

Gin Pho

Best Asian Bar in Adelaide

Gin Pho is a unique and creative drink concocted to let you taste pho as a drink. It contains gin, Grand Marnier, Thai basil, star anise, and chili. This refreshing drink is a best seller because it is one of a kind and the flavor of pho is still very present but it is made well to serve as a refreshing drink.

Gin Gin

What is Gin Gin, you may ask? This quirky name is for Gin Long Canteen’s infused ginger gin. The taste of the ginger is well-balanced so that it does not overpower the whole drink. Aside from ginger gin, it also has Cointreau, Thai basil, and palm sugar. Another unique refreshment, this is a great drink for cold days.



Another wittily-named drink, the Pomojito is a mix of rum, pama, mint, and pomegranate. Gin Long Canteen’s take on the all-time favorite mojito is replenishing and packed with flavors you don’t normally encounter elsewhere. This is also a perfect drink for summer or simply a hot day.


Gin Long Wines

Gin Long Canteen has many wines listed in their menu. They have sparkling, red, and white wines. The lot of them showcase the tastes of South Australia, such as those from McLaren Vale, Riverland, and the well-renowned Adelaide Hills. There are also wines from Italy, France, and Spain. A must try are the namesake Gin Long wines: Shilaz for the red wine and Liesling for the white wine.

Beers and Other Drinks

Beers and Other Drinks

Gin Long Canteen features Australian, Thai, and Vietnamese beers. Among them are Tiger, The Hills Apple Cider, Bia Hanoi, Bintang, and Singha. This way, there are many choices for the customers at the restaurant.

Aside from these, there are many non-alcoholic drinks that could be ordered from the bar. There are fizzy drinks like the Purezza sparkling water. There are also homemade sodas. These are made originally by Gin Long Canteen. They have chrysanpear soda, lemongrass bitters, and pomegranate soda. For non-fizzy drinks, there is the home-brewed Gin Long iced tea, besa juice, fresh coconut, Vietnamese filtered coconut, green tea, and jasmine tea.

Gin Long Canteen is a lively and fun place to enjoy drinks. With the prompt and friendly service at the best Asian bar in Adelaide, you will surely want to go back here. Let us know what your favorite drink at Gin Long Canteen is!

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