Traveler’s Guide for Finding the Best Modern Asian Restaurant in Adelaide

Adelaide, being one of the most populous cities in Australia, serves as one of the most diverse places you can visit. It is filled with culture, stunning views, and a great selection of food. The city can be considered a foodie’s delight with it having the best modern Asian restaurant in Adelaide as one of its perks.

To help you enjoy the Asian food scene of Adelaide, here is a guide that will make your search much easier:

Casual and Fine Dining Favorites

Adelaide does not fall short of casual and fine dining restaurants. If you are in the area and you are looking for the best modern Asian restaurant in Adelaide, then these places are guaranteed to satisfy you.

Gin Long Canteen
Gin Long Canteen - best modern asian restaurant

Gin Long Canteen is one of the most highly rated Asian fusion restaurants in Adelaide. With a good blend of authentic Asian cuisines and a modern touch, this restaurant assures that their customers will have full tummies and a good time. Even the restaurant’s décor and overall vibe is modern and fun – a tasteful view accompanied by tasty food. Among their best sellers are their Baby Lobster Tails, Gin Long Wings, and Prawn Dumplings. Apart from these, they have an extensive menu featuring up-scaled and modern version of street foods from Vietnam and Thailand. Their menu also indicates which dishes are gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly. Gin Long Canteen is a great place to dine with friends and family.


Moonsoon - Gin long canteen restaurant
Photo Credit: Groupon

Moonsoon’s specialty are Thai and Vietnamese cuisines but with a modern twist. If you are fans of these dishes but you want to experience something new, then this is a place you should definitely try. Additionally, they have vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free choices in their menu. What’s great is that they are also known for their exceptional customer service!


shiki - gin long canteen adelaide
Photo Credit: Smudge Eats

The quest for Asian cuisine is not complete without having a good Japanese meal. Shiki is one of the top-rated restaurants in Adelaide. Among the favorites in their menu are their wagyu beef, fried rice, sushi, sashimi, and seafood courses. The setting and ambiance also makes for a great Japanese dining experience in Adelaide.


concubine - gin long restaurant
Photo Credit: Mimi Hyll

One of the most well-regarded restaurants in Adelaide, Concubine serves Chinese cuisine with modern twists. This fine-dining restaurant serves top quality food using the South Australian local produce to create their Chinese dishes. They have a variety of entrees, main courses, side dishes, and noodles as well as a wine list in their menu. They also offer banquets which is great for group dining.

Budget-friendly Destinations

If you’re looking to grab a bite without spending too much, these places are a must-try!


mandoo - asian food in adelaide
Photo Credit: Natasha Stewar

Mandoo offers authentic Korean dishes, with the specialty of this restaurant being their Korean dumplings – known as mandu. You can choose to have the dumplings served either steamed or fried. Aside from the dumplings, they also offer hot pot and bibimbap.

Adelaide Pho

adelaide pho - gin long canteen
Photo Credit: Natasha Stewart

One of the famous pho destinations in Adelaide is the Adelaide Pho. They are known for their generous servings and flavorful noodles. Because of this, the restaurant is usually packed. They also allow food orders for takeaway. As a bonus, the Adelaide Pho is vegetarian-friendly!

Market Plaza Food Court

market plaza court - gin long canteen adelaide
Photo Credit: Bianca De Marchi

If you want to experience Asia in Adelaide, the Market Plaza Food Court is the place for you. The setting is similar to food courts in lots of Asian places, such as Singapore. The food court caters to numerous stalls that offer various Asian dishes. Here, you would be able to find Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines, among others.

Adelaide is an exceptional venue for people with adventurous palates. Travelers would certainly enjoy exploring the various selections of dishes it has to offer. Let us know which of these restaurants you have visited and which ones are your favorite! Bon appétit!

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